Tiih Sueyoshi, from Brazil!
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∿ ficwriter, gamer, hobbyist artist, not a good singer, but love to sing.
One of the owners of the blog 「Get Chibi」 ~
Nice to meet you! ;3
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Live performance by SKY-HI & band!

Set list

  1. 逆転ファンファーレ
  2. Tyrant Island 
  3. トリックスター 
  4. 愛ブルーム (w/ some Daft Punk/Get Lucky covered in between)

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AAA Eighth Wonder tour book

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Wake up!


Haven’t seen this appear on my dash, so why not share it? It’s the single, plus the MV and its making. Video is 720x404px, and songs are 320kbits/s. PW is release date formatted YYMMDD. Grab it fast, I’ll take the link down a couple of weeks from now. I was planning on making MF links as well, but it just takes forever to upload and it annoys me. Feel free to make mirrors of it and share the link later though (credits would be appreciated of course).

As I’m feeling generous, I still have various stuffs to DL on my MF account that I offered on twitter (was it months ago now?) and said I’d delete soon, but never did since MF increased my space. But it’s time I get rid of it, so if anyone of you is interested, drop me a message (off anon, I won’t share the links in public) @silystya. Goodies for you to grab are both Channel-a DVDs, the Delicious Gakuin live thingy, all Mirai Seiki Shakespeare episodes and the Triple Seven tour. Please note that NOTHING is subbed.

Also, I’ve been thinking… I know there are more and more new fans each day (while the old fans are kinda leaving the fandom one by one), and I also know how hard it is to find videos in this particular fandom, old ones especially… so would anyone be interested in a collection of the old MVs? I would not share the links here because it’s too public, but in a place that you could easily access (like maybe my old LJ/DW account). Tell me what you think about it.

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